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5 Couriers in the Movies

1. The Courier

This 2012 movie, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Grey’s Anatomy Fame, told the story about a specialist carrier, hired to deliver a mysterious case to the most dangerous hitman in the criminal underworld. The problem is, he’s given no address, a pretty crucial piece of information for a same day courier!

With plenty of death, double crossing and a crazy twist at the end, The Courier promised a wild ride but perhaps couldn’t quite deliver what it claimed. It scored only 4.5 on the Internet Movie Database and went straight to video. Perhaps courier services should stick to packages with addresses, and those not destined for blood-thirsty gang bosses!

2. Premium Rush

This movie, also of 2012, was a little more successful. The tagline ‘Ride Like Hell’ described the movie pretty well, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt of Inception and 10 Things I Hate About You acting as a Manhattan same day courier bike messenger.

One fateful day, he picks up a delivery so valuable that a corrupt NYC detective short of cash decides to chase the same day courier through the city to get his hands on the envelope. We won’t spoil the ending, but it seemed audiences liked it a lot better than The Courier.

Though its $20 million gross failed to deliver any return on its estimated $35 million budget, it was played in cinemas worldwide and received some favourable reviews.

3.Delivery Man

Vince Vaughn got in on the courier action in 2013, playing a delivery guy whose just found out his sperm donations from twenty years before have spawned over 500 kids! ‘You’re never quite ready for what life delivers,’ says its tagline.

A hundred of these kids plan to go to court to get his confidentiality agreement overruled and find out just who their donor father is, but when he gets the course papers he can’t help but go take a sneak peek at who his kids are and what kind of lives they lead, without ever revealing his true identity. The life of this same day courier will never be the same again.

4. Miracle on 34th Street

Now a Christmas classic, this movie sees a young lawyer defend Kris Kringle when he’s put on trial and under pressure to admit that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Things look pretty bleak, but the day is saved by postal workers with sack after sack of letters addressed to the generous guy at the North Pole.

The lawyer argues that if the Post Office Department, a part of the U.S. government, recognizes Kris Kringle is Santa Claus by delivering letters to him, then surely the courts must do the same. The judge has no choice to admit it and Christmas is saved!

5. Home Alone

Though not strictly a courier, no list of movie delivery men would be complete without the pizza boy from Home Alone. Played by Dan Charles Zukoski, the poor guy who always drives into the McAllister’s garden statue is scared to death by Kevin’s pranks. When the young boy plays ‘Angels With Filthy Souls’ and lights firecrackers in the kitchen, the terrified delivery man flees from what he thinks are the gunshots of a gangster, tripping in the snow in blind panic to get back to his car.

‘Keep the change, you filthy animal!’


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