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4 Types of Services Provided by Courier Companies

 4 Types of  Services Provided by Courier Companies

Courier Companies play a significant role in our professional and personal lives. We’ve nearly all at some stage been waiting expectantly for the doorbell to ring so we can get our hands on our exciting new purchase, only to be thoroughly disappointed when it does finally ring and instead of the eagerly awaited courier man on our doorstep we are met by an over-enthusiastic door to door salesman! . There are many different kinds of courier services available in the market nowadays offered by companies both large and small.

Many of the larger courier companies offer a global service delivering goods worldwide, while on the other hand a lot of the smaller companies are often established in and around large cities and urban developments, where there are more opportunities for local and same day deliveries. These types of deliveries are made up of important documents from law firms, medical supplies and various other items that need to be delivered from one part of the city to another or often further afield. Each type of courier company offers a different service and tries to tailor that service to the needs of their customers.

1. Overnight Service – This service is quite inexpensive but not as cheap as the standard service. This service usually involves your items being collected one day and taken to a local depot, from there they will be taken by lorry to a central sorting hub. Then very late that night or in the early hours of the morning they are transported to another local depot closest to the delivery address. Then the following day they will be loaded onto a van and delivered to their destination.

2. Standard Courier Service – The standard delivery option is the cheapest of all courier services. It basically works the same as the overnight service but your goods will usually get to their destination within a few days rather than being guaranteed the next day. This service is ideal for a person who is not in a great hurry to receive their parcel

3. International Courier – An international courier service is a business that delivers packages, mail and larger consignments overseas. It is usually the bigger companies that are behind this type of service. Again this service really follows the same principles as the two above just on a much larger scale that involves planes, ships and more stop off points between collection and delivery. This service varies greatly in price dependent on the size of what you are sending and how quickly you need it to get there.

4. Same Day Express Courier – ‘Same day courier’ is mile for mile the most expensive of all types of courier service. Due to the costs involved it is used by many companies only in case of emergency or as a last resort. But there are also many companies and organizations such as hospitals, medical suppliers, law and accounting firms and many others that use a same day courier service frequently. They are usually either sending very sensitive or fragile goods or they have a lot of deliveries that are of an urgent nature. A same day courier company’s business will usually be made up of a mixture of regular users such as the above and one off work for those that encounter an emergency.

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